Got Questions?

Number of weekly sessions?

The minimum requirement would be two 30-minutes sessions a week over one month in order to achieve benefits.
Increasing the number of sessions or duration enables you to achieve your goals in a shorter period of time (provided you are not “overtraining”)

Can I come during my lunch hour?

Our classes are very time efficient. No class is more than 30 minutes in length.
High altitude training will speed up everything you will get normally from training at sea level along with other benefits such as burning more after you train, less impact on our bodies and joints.

Can I alter my package to suit to my time frame?

We can alter any package time frame to suit you.
10 weeks is a standard time but can be either slightly extended (12 weeks) or shortened to as little as 2 weeks).
Any altitude training is better than none, it is never too late to gain the benefits before your trip of a life time!

Can I attend a class without being on an active Package?

You can attend any of our classes, provided you have made a booking with us and completed an initial assessment and base line testing.

What if I get headaches after the session?

This should be monitored and intensity and/or altitude may need to be reduced.
Other contributing factors may include low energy levels of dehydration before the training has begun.

Will it affect my external training?

It does affect your training, therefore during the Base Line setup disclosure of current training program is important to determine structure the training protocol.
In addition, you should account for additional stress prior, during and after sessions by increasing fluid intake. Adequate rest between sessions will also be important.

What does the room feel like?

The room is a greater challenge on the body, but should otherwise be a comfortable environment to exercise in.
The air in room is quite dry (around 15% Relative Humidity) so hydration before, during and after exercise is particularly important.
There is also a constant stream of fresh altitude (low oxygen) air flowing in room.

Training Protocol?

The training protocol is developed around your goals and time schedule to the particular goals.
Initial base line setup sets the platform to which we will compare your body’s performance over time and indicates to us when to increase your training intensity or set altitude.

How long is a session?

30 min – Group classes

30 min – Self-Admin sessions

Personal Training session will vary from 30 minutes to 60 minutes depending on the package

Are there direct debit options?

Of course! Chat to a Peak Altitude staff member about our direct debit options when filling out the application form.

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